TES: Save adult education – before it’s switched off

tes_400x400Writing in the TES, Alan Tuckett, professor of education at the University of Wolverhampton and president of the International Council for Adult Education, argues that the AoC’s warning that we could have no public further education for adults by 2020 is a ‘terrifying prospect for our future productivity and competitiveness’.

Save adult education – before it’s switched off

Alan Tuckett | TES | 23 April 2015

Despite politicians’ apparent love affair with lifelong learning, it is being starved of funds. Without urgent action, we will all suffer

Britain is approaching the general election in bad shape. Despite years of bleak austerity and major reductions in expenditure there has been no significant diminution of public debt. Productivity is reported to be half that found in the US, France or Germany. We have high unemployment, skills shortages and an hourglass economy – resulting in the well-publicised “squeezed middle”. This is coupled with a rapidly ageing population, expectations of later retirement, and a health and social care system already creaking from the strain.

At the same time, education budgets for adults have been slashed… [more]