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TES: Save adult education – before it’s switched off

Alan Tuckett, professor of education at the University of Wolverhampton and president of the International Council for Adult Education, says the AoC’s warning that we could have no public further education for adults by 2020 is a ‘terrifying prospect for our future productivity and competitiveness’.

Senior education figures condemn cuts

A number of senior and respected figures from the education and trade union worlds have signed a letter which condemns the cut to the adult education budget as ‘an act of vandalism’. The letter also says that the cuts are ‘perverse’ in an age of austerity when ‘economic growth requires a skilled population with funded opportunities for learning’.

The Definition of Stupid

Claire Sully, lecturer and digital marketing agency MD, writes about how returning to education as an adult led to setting up a successful business, and how the cuts will undermine employer requirements around skills shortage vacancies.