Adult education and austerity

Post by Paul Stanistreet, freelance writer on adult education and social policy, which argues that adult education is ‘an essential part of the fabric of any civilized, democratic society’.

Adult education and austerity

Paul Stanistreet | The Learning Age | 29 April 2015

Adult education matters. It matters at home, in work, and in the community. It matters to families, to the economy and to our health and wellbeing. It makes society fairer, more resilient, more creative and more democratic. It ought to matter in the ballot box too. Its demise is indicative of the huge price this and future generations are set to pay for the politics of austerity.

The figures are stark. Since the coalition came to power in 2010 more than a million publicly funded adult learning opportunities have disappeared. Over the same period, according to the Association of Colleges (AoC), funding for post-19 further education has been cut by 35 per cent… [more]

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